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Three Tips to Remember to Keep Your Children Safe While They are Home Alone


Tip One: Teach Your Child How to Turn Alarm Systems On and Off

If you are a parent concerned about leaving your children home alone, then installation of an ADT home security in Miami device is an important thing to consider. In many cases, older children are able to learn how to turn alarms on and off quicker than their parents, and you can teach a child the security codes necessary to enter a home after school to keep them safe from intruders. After a child enters a home, they can turn the alarm back on. For additional protection, a parent can contact a child with a telephone call or text message to ensure they are safe.

Tip Two: Make Sure a Child Understands to Never Permit Strangers to Enter a Home

While a child is home alone, they should understand that strangers are not permitted to enter for any reason. A burglar can devise numerous ways to enter a home, including pretending to be a repairperson or friend. Once inside a home, a thief might attack a child in addition to stealing valuable items. If your child notices anyone lurking outside a home or someone requests access, then the child should contact law officials and you for immediate assistance. Burglars also make fake telephone calls to homes to determine if someone is there, and when a thief learns that a child is home alone, it is easier for them to break in.

Tip Three: Have a Written List of Emergency Telephone Numbers for a Child

You should prepare a written list of telephone numbers for a child as an added precaution because if your child is unable to contact you, then they can call a trusted neighbor or nearby relative. In addition to contact information for relatives and neighbors, have other emergency numbers posted in an easy to find location. Some of the telephone numbers should be for fire departments and paramedics. When your child always turns on a Miami ADT alarm system after arriving home, it will also alert law officials and you about intruders entering a home.

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