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Five Lessons Learned from Burglars

adt miami for businessEvery homeowner should always do their best to learn about how burglaries occur and what can be done to stop them. One of the best ways to further your knowledge of home security is by looking at the successes and failures of burglars as well as the experiences of other homeowners. These lessons are critical for properly setting up your layers of security.

They Find Creative Ways Inside

The front door and the downstairs windows aren’t the only points of entry. It might sound crazy, but burglars have been caught climbing trees to access second story windows, squeezing through tiny windows in the basement, and even attempting to enter through skylights on the roof. When you’re placing security devices around your home, remember that burglars will enter through some of the strangest places!

Modern Alarm Systems Are Invaluable

Countless burglaries have been foiled by alarm systems monitored by ADT Miami security technicians. Motion detection capabilities and instant police notification add up to a system that is even more vigilant than a full-time security guard. The systems are set up so that they cannot be turned off without the correct password. Even if there were a few criminals capable of hacking into the system and disabling it, they would probably be focused on crimes that are safer and more lucrative than residential burglaries.

They Hate Unpredictable Routines

Criminals overwhelmingly prefer to enter your home when you’ll be away for a long time. Mixing up your routine can have a devastating effect on their plans. Try to avoid doing anything at exactly the same time every day. Your daily jog, grocery shopping, or any other regular activity should be shifted around your schedule periodically. Even if you have to go to work at the same time, you can still take different routes so that the burglars don’t know what direction you’ll be coming from.

They Look for Warning Signs

Many burglars have stated under questioning that they avoid homes that look like more trouble than they’re worth. Something that will repel most residential thieves is a company decal from your local Miami ADT home security firm. Plenty of homeowners bluff by displaying these decals even if they have no security system, but burglars can never tell. A sign warning visitors about a vicious dog will also make crooks reconsider their choice.

It Only Takes a Moment of Carelessness for Them to Strike

Don’t fall into the erroneous belief that burglaries require a great deal of time. While some burglars like to take their time when searching for valuables, others will get in and out with lightning speed. This means that forgetting to lock the door or arm the alarm system just once could enable the theft of some expensive items. You should always take the same rigid security precautions whether you’ll be gone for minutes, hours, or days.

Home security may seem like rocket science, especially for beginners, but it’s easy with the right information. You simply have to learn about burglars’ methods and how to foil them. Don’t forget to factor in these valuable lessons when you’re formulating your home security strategy.

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