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More than Home Security

More than Home SecurityA home security system is the best choice in home intrusion prevention and other home safety needs. Keeping your family safe from theft and other acts of home violence, fire, and other home emergencies is of great importance and that is why a home security system is what best meets your family’s safety needs. With advancing, new technology, home security systems can do much more than just that. Home security cameras have become a popular option for many homeowners. Maybe you have never thought of installing a home security camera outside of your home and much less inside of your home, but you may want to think about installing one now.

In this day, it is normal for anything of value to be monitored, and it seems obvious that this should include your family, in particular your small children who are desperately dependent upon your care. If you hire a nanny or an occasional babysitter to watch your kids, installing a home security camera inside your home is a great way to keep them safe and to give you peace of mind while you are gone. There are many advantages to having one installed in your home: They are secure and discrete. They can be easily hidden from those whom you want to observe, and hidden from anyone else’s view so your house retains its homely feel.

Hopefully the case is that you trust and love those who care for your children, but when it comes to your family, one can never leave room for possibility; prevention is key. In Florida, Broward county is ranked second highest in reports of child abuse and Miami-Dade County is ranked third. The majority of the victims in these cases are children 2 and under. Many parents have detected suspicious behavior from observing their nanny or babysitter with a home security camera (or nanny cam as they are also called) and avoided possible harm to their child. However, some parents observe much worse, and the pain of what your child experiences is devastating. With a nanny cam you are able to see how your childcare provider is interacting with your child, whether that be during any time of the day, or with some security systems, you may be able to see this in real time.

If you hire a nanny or babysitter and want to install a home security camera or nanny cam, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, investigate to see exactly what the federal and state laws are for the measures you want to take in order to secure your child while under your childcare provider’s watch. In the state of Florida, it is legal to install a home security camera in rooms that are not private; a private room would be a bathroom or bedroom, and installing a camera in one of these rooms would be illegal. Install the camera in a public area such as your kitchen, living room, family room, and/or dining room. However, if you are also going to record sound, you must inform your childcare provider that they are being recorded and they must consent to this in order for it to be legal. Make sure to abide by the laws, and to secure your family, secure yourself.

In addition to protecting your children from possible maltreatment, you can also observe your child’s behavior. This can eliminate any misunderstanding or miscommunication among your child, childcare provider, and your self. The camera can also serve as surveillance while your home is being cleaned by a housekeeper. There is the possibility that someone, anyone can snoop through your things and may even steal something; in such a case you can prevent property being stolen with the installation of a camera.

In order to meet your need, call an ADT specialist who can directly inform you on how to secure your home in the best way. Don’t wait until it is too late. Your family’s security is of greatest priority.

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