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3 Simple Home Security Improvements that Have Big Impact

adt south floridaIt’s important to think about how you are protecting your home while you are away or asleep at night. These three simple home security improvements have a huge impact on keeping your home and family safe from harm. Take a moment and consider adding these features to your home to add more security than just a locked door at night:

Add A Camera To The Outside Of Your Home

Whether or not this security camera is operational is up to you, but know that just having it posted on your home will be an effective deterrent for suspicious characters looking to cause problems on your property. Of course a working piece will provide more security, but a nonoperational piece works well as a warning sign. The best places to post a camera include the front door, a first floor window, or the back door. These are the most common points of entry and will have a high chance of catching a thief in the act or be a noticeable threat to make them leave.

Install A Home Security System

ADT Miami has all the information you need on outfitting your home for maximum security of your property. Along with an alarm, automatic system notifications, and a posted sign outside your home, a Miami ADT home security unit will be the fastest way to provide security for your house and family.

Adopt A Dog

It’s a proven fact that having a dog and having a sign posted to your fence that advertises this will be a quick deterrent for attackers since they want as easy of a job as possible to break in. Head to your local shelter and adopt a furry friend that will offer companionship as well as loyalty to your family by scaring off predators with just their presence. It doesn’t have to be a large dog, just one that will notice activity and possibly bark at strangers who try to burglarize your home.

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