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Emergency Security Systems in Miami FL

Emergency Security Systems in Miami FLAccording to Wikipedia, an emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, or property, and most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation.

And emergencies happen, especially in Miami, Florida.

From Mother Nature derived emergencies to man-made ones, fire, flood, and criminal incidences occur in Miami, Florida, and one must be prepared to handle a dire situation and have the ability to respond immediately to these emergencies.

One cannot do it alone, and thankfully ADT, located right in the heart of Miami, Florida, can prepare you, your home and your business for just about any emergency, no matter what the source.

The Emergency of Fire

A fire in the home happens more frequently than most people realize.  Improper use of candles or incense, matches or cigarettes that are improperly disposed of or left unattended are common causes of fires. Grease fires from cooking can ignite a kitchen and its contents faster than one realizes.

In today’s world of electronics, many people have home offices with computers, printers, external hard drives, speakers and more.  Home entertainment centers require a variety of connections and sometimes a maze of wires.  These power sources can become very dangerous if there are damaged electrical conductors, insufficient space or clearance between electrical outlets and furniture, overloaded circuits or loose connections.

And, in Miami Florida with its frequent thunderstorms, Mother Nature can deal a nasty blow with the tremendous force of lightening, which can ignite a fire and burn down a home faster than the blink of an eye.

When one is home, and one of these fire emergencies occurs 911 would be the immediate response. But what happens if you are not there when a fire starts? How is this emergency handled?

ADT can respond fast to this emergency situation and save your home, your business and most importantly save lives.  When you are an ADT customer, you have the peace of mind knowing that our Smoke Alarms, Fire Alarms and Heat Sensors alert us to the problem and we immediately contact the appropriate emergency first responder and help is on the way instantly.

We at ADT have saved countless homes and families and businesses from the ravages of fire and more importantly, we have saved lives-both people and pets.  Our multiple monitoring centers and highly trained Security Professionals are always on watch, always there to respond to your fire emergency.

The Emergency of Flood

It has been said that water is the essence of life, but conversely, water is also an insidious element.  Water can destroy a home or business and its contents leaving ruin in its wake.  Destruction of homes, property, and even the long lasting issues of mold can ruin a dwelling or building.

A broken pipe, a loosened washing machine hose, a faucet left on, torrential rains from the numerous storms that hit Miami Florida:  any of these incidents can cause tremendous water damage.

And even a small amount of water can wreak havoc in a home or business.   ADT knows this and has developed Flood and Temperature Monitoring systems to be there when you can’t.  These systems help to protect your home or business through specialized sensor equipment that detects changes in the temperature and sends a signal to our monitoring center and ADT responds immediately.

Imagine being able to enjoy peace of mind while away and know that ADT is watching over your home and business to ensure no water damage will affect you in the event of an emergency due to water.

The Emergency of Health

Thanks to great strides in medicine, we are living longer lives.  But in order to live a longer and independent life, there are many in Miami Florida that need special help.  ADT understands this and has developed the Medical Alert System and the Panic Button system to help people to live their lives with the confidence knowing that in an emergency and if help is needed, it will be there at the mere push of a button. ADT’s trained professionals will immediately dispatch the appropriate first responders to your location.

Countless times our Medical Alert System and Panic Button System have saved lives in emergency situations.  We are proud to be able to offer this level of emergency aid to our customers in Miami Florida and honored to serve them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Emergency of Crime

Miami Florida is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world with miles of pristine beaches, numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and night clubs.  It attracts people from all over the world who want to experience its variety of experiences.

But it also attracts a dark element, the criminal element.

Fortunately, ADT has offices located directly in the heart of Miami Florida and understands how to protect its inhabitants from crime.  Home or business, large or small, ADT can configure a customized security system that will protect dwellings, possessions and valuables from criminals.

Diverting an emergency from criminal activity is of utmost importance to ADT.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge systems will outwit even the most persistent criminal.  From our high-tech surveillance systems to our intrusion detection equipment, we can ensure your home or building is completely protected with the best emergency security systems available.

The Only Choice for Emergency Security Systems

At ADT, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the most well known and trusted name in security and we do security second to none.  Having been in the security business for over 140 years, we have the experience to handle any emergency and have the best security systems to handle any and all emergencies-natural or man-made.

Business owners and residents of Miami Florida are subject to many forms of emergency situations.  It is most fortunate that ADT is available to handle all of the emergency security situations.  As the emergency security company of choice for government buildings, financial institutions, airports, and many retail organizations, ADT is well-experienced to handle just about any kind of situation.

Why wait for an emergency?  Call ADT today and experience peace of mind from the company that is always on watch for you.

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