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3 Home Security Predictions for 2016

home-secuirty-wirelessAs the calendar changes, so too does the world of home security. New devices are being rolled out and new technologies are supplanting old standbys. If you’re concerned about your security, it’s a good idea to take a look at the trends that will dominate in 2016.

New Devices Will Dominate

One of the truths about the home security field is that it is always changing. There’s no doubt that new devices will start to supplant some of the old stand-bys, bringing about a major change for those who already have a Miami ADT alarm system. Looking into the new gear available on the market will give you an idea of how to make your home even safer.

Home Security Systems Will Get Smarter

2016 will see the trend of smarter home security continue, especially as residential wi-fi becomes even more prevalent. The biggest trend in security will likely be smartphone control, which will allow homeowners to set their security systems while away from home and can even allow them to monitor their properties from remote locations. Incorporating smart devices into your security plans will constitute a major change in your security protocols, but may give you the sense of safety that you have always wanted.

….and So Will Thieves

Perhaps the saddest truth is that thieves will always try to find new ways to steal from you. As 2016 goes along, it’s a certainty that those who seek to gain illegal entry into your home will start to find ways to get past the security measures of the past. Expect many of the must-have tools of 2015 to become a bit less useful as the year goes by, especially if those tools were already a bit out of date. It’s important to continually update your security equipment in order to stay one step away from would-be burglars. Contacting ADT home security in Miami can give you a good idea of not only what’s useful in the world of security today, but what will help you to stay secure tomorrow.

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