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The Different Levels of ADT Security for Your Home

Security for Your Home

Security for Your Home

Home security is important for many different reasons, with the primary reason being the protection of your family and belongings. These different levels of security offered by ADT Miami offer protection for your home and offer a wide range of benefits.

Level 1 Security

Level one security is ideal for small homes because of the number of sensors you are using. Level one security offers 5 sensors that are used on the doors and windows. The touch pulse keypad allows you to control your residence or establishment with the touch of a button. The interior hi-decibel siren sounds a high-pitched noise when the alarm is triggered. Ths level one security alarm has pet-immune motion detectors that allow you to let your pet roam freely through your home without triggering your alarm system. In turn, you can save a lot of money by avoiding false alarm fees.

Level 2 Security

The level two alarm security system is ideal for medium-sized home This security alarm offers 10 sensors that can be placed on the windows and doors of your home and a touch pulse keypad. This keypad alls you to control the lighting in your home, as well as, arming and disarming the system. Like the level one alarm security system, this level two system offers an interior hi-decibel siren and pet-immune motion detectors.

Level 3 Alarm Security

Level three alarm security is ideal for large homes that features many windows and doors. This alarm security system has up to 15 sensors for the windows and doors of your home. This level three alarm security system features a touch pulse keypad, hi-decibel siren for the interior of your home, as well as, pet-immune motion detectors.

Level 4 Alarm Security

Large homes will benefit from the level four alarm security system due to the 20 sensors that are available for the windows and doors. Like the other alarm security systems, this level four security system features a touch pulse keypad, interior hi-decibel siren, and pet immune motion detectors.

Are Alarms Necessary Security for Your Home?

Alarm systems are a necessity for your home for a variety of reasons. Some of the most important reasons to invest in security for your home is to minimize criminal threats, protection for your property, instant police notification, as well as, constant monitoring. ADT  security systems provide safety devices that detect carbon monoxide leaks, promote fire safety, and helps you avoid as much flood damage as possible.

With ADT security services and devices, you can keep an eye on your children and your entire home to ensure it is protected at all times of the day and night. In the event the security of your home is compromised, you and authorities will instantly be notified. It is impossible to put a price on having constant peace of mind.

How Can Home Security Concepts Help You?

Here at Home Security Concepts, we understand how important the security of your home is for you. We offer a variety of security packages to meet your needs. Contact us today for reliable security service.

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