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4 Home Security Tips for Homes with Large Backyards

lush green lawnWho doesn’t love a backyard? It probably doesn’t get as much recognition as the front lawns, patio and porch but backyards are utilitarian and one can get truly creative how such a space can be used. Large backyards are particularly interesting because then there are many more ways you can use the space. While everything about a backyard is nice, there is a risk to security.

Homes with large backyards are more vulnerable to theft or burglary. Apartments or condos don’t have this problem. Homes with no backyard don’t have to worry about multiple points of entry and exit. Should you have large backyards, you must adhere to these home security tips.

Always have a fence and make sure it is good.

Fencing is quintessential for a backyard but any random fence will not work. It must be difficult for thieves and burglars to climb that fence. Also, the fence should be locked at all times. You may have security systems from ADT Miami or some other company and you might feel protected. While you are safer, you must still keep your backyard locked and protected at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or out for work, taking a stroll in the neighborhood or just visiting your neighbor. The gate in your backyard must be locked at all times.

Never keep your backdoor open.

Many homes, especially those with large backyards, have sliding glass backdoors. Such doors come with very poor locking systems. You must have keyed in locks. Have as good a lock on your backdoor as you would have on your front door. The last thing you should do is provide a thief or burglar easy access to the backyard and then a poorly locked backdoor.

Keep your lawn equipment away from the the open.

Backyards are often littered with appliances of myriad kinds. You are just inviting trouble by showcasing a few things and you would end up losing more than those equipment or items. You must have a shed and that too should be locked.

Do not allow your backyard to get overshadowed in landscape or vegetation.

Don’t have trees that would provide enough cover to thieves or give easy access to door and windows in the house. Don’t have grass grow tall enough that people can crawl in without being noticed. Have clear views of your backyard and have sufficient lights to discourage thieves and burglars.

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