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Four Secrets of Secure Families During the Holiday Season

adt-home-securityThe holiday season presents many opportunities for criminals. This is why homeowners should always think one step ahead even when shopping for gifts and planning holiday gatherings. Don’t leave your home susceptible to holiday burglaries; take up these habits of highly secure homeowners to protect what you’ve worked for.

Don’t Leave Gifts in the Open

Piles of gifts under the tree may be a cherished tradition, but it might be an invitation to burglars as well. Christmas trees and other holiday decorations are highly visible from the windows. Criminals can deduce that there are probably presents stacked up nearby. Why give them such convenience? Make it difficult for them by hiding the gifts in a secure part of the house.

Be Discreet with Your Vacation Plans

During the months leading up to the holidays, most people are excited about their plans, which usually include large family gatherings. As exciting as it may be, you should refrain from publicly announcing these plans on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media pages. Another mistake is recording a message on your answering machine telling callers that you are on vacation. Burglars have been known to call houses looking for such a message so that they can break in and take all the time they need.

Apply Modern Security Technology to Your Home

Countless homes are vulnerable to thieves because they don’t have a security system. With so many options available from ADT Miami contractors, there’s no reason not to have one installed. No burglar wants to run the risk of being caught by cameras, motion detectors, or doorway alarms. If you sign up for the monitoring service, the police will be dispatched to your home as soon as an intruder is detected. Be sure to get some window decals from your Miami ADT home security company so that the criminals will know that you take your security seriously.

Beware of Scammers and Thieves

This advice should be followed year round, but it’s especially important around the holidays since criminals may claim to be collecting money for nonexistent charities. They might even employ this disguise so that you will open your door and they can peek inside in search of valuables. Always use caution when dealing with people going door-to-door asking for donations. If you feel cold-hearted turning them away, ask them for the location of their nearest administrative office so that you can make a donation. Any real charity will be glad to provide this information for you.

There are endless things that homeowners can do to deter burglars. However, security-minded families consistently take these four simple steps during the holidays. By putting these methods to use, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday knowing that your family, house, and possessions are secure.

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