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4 Tips to Selecting a Secure Home Security System PIN Code

home-security-tipsMiami residents with an ADT security system must choose a personal identification number, or PIN, to access the controls. You want that PIN number to be as secure as possible in order to prevent criminals from guessing or hacking it. Four tips will help you to select a secure home security system PIN code.

Never Use Numbers Related To You

The first tip is to never use numbers that are related to you in any way. You must not use things like birthdays, license plate numbers, social security numbers or anniversary dates. You should not use numbers associated with your spouse or children. These numbers can be easily guessed or discovered by criminals through hacking, research or sorting through your trash. Use random numbers to make your Miami ADT home security PIN hard to guess.

Ensure the Numbers Do Not Make a Pattern

You want to make certain that the digits in the code do not make a pattern either visually or numerically. You do not want the PIN to form a simple pattern or shape on the keypad that someone could guess or see. You also do not want the numbers to have some numerical pattern such as just prime numbers. These two types of codes are easy to figure out.

Avoid Simple Sequential Codes

A major mistake that some people with an ADT Miami security system make is to use a sequential code. These are codes like 1234 or 9876. Never do this. There are only a limited number of sequential codes available. They are often the first codes criminals will try. Make certain that the numbers in the code are not all sequential in any direction. This will keep your PIN secure.

Mix Up the Gaps between the Numbers

A final tip is to mix up the gaps between the numbers in the code. This is actually important because it determines how difficult the code is to crack or guess. You want to have large and small gaps between the code numbers. A large gap is the difference between one and nine while a small gap is the difference between two and four. Vary the gaps so that your code is as hard to decipher as possible.

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