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Five Things Every Home Security System is Doomed Without

deadly-statisticsHomeowners shopping for home security systems have many options these days. The process of selecting one can be very confusing. However, there are a few features that every home security system needs in order to have the best chance of stopping an intruder. Look for these five features if you are thinking of purchasing a home security system.


A clearly audible siren serves two purposes. It alerts you so that you can take immediate steps to get your family to safety, and it also lets the intruder know that their cover has been blown. Only the most foolish criminals would attempt to follow through with their plan when a blaring siren is alerting the homeowners.

Direct Line to a Human Dispatcher

When you are trying to ensure that your family is safe during a burglary, there may not be time to dial 911. The best alarms, such as the ones designed by Miami ADT home security, feature an automatic notification feature. These alarm systems will notify the company’s dispatchers, who will then call your local police.

Glass Break Sensors

Burglars don’t always enter through predictable spots like the doors. They often smash through a window to gain entry. Glass break sensors can detect the shock produced through this action and set off the alarm. Be sure to get glass break sensors for every window that a human could fit through, even the ones on the second floor.

Concealed Wiring Outside

Criminals have been known to look for the wiring of an alarm system outside of the house. If such wiring is present, it must be well protected and concealed. The alarm system will be rendered useless if the crook can simply clip a few wires and break in undetected.

Panic Button

Occasionally, you may recognize a threat before the alarm system does. You may see someone prowling in your yard with a crowbar, or an intruder might attempt to kick your door down. There should always be a manual panic button to set off the alarm just in case it has not detected the threat.

With companies like ADT Miami offering such a wide array of alarm systems, you have plenty to choose from. But you should insist on these five features if you are a homeowner who takes security seriously. They will go a long way towards keeping your home and family safe from intruders.

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