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Five Secrets to Improving Your Home Security

miami-home-security-system-benefitsA home’s susceptibility to burglaries will vary greatly from one region to another, but it’s a possibility that every homeowner must consider. Aside from the obvious step of locking the doors and windows, there are many things homeowners can do to significantly reduce the chance of a successful burglary. These are just a few steps that the most secure homeowners are always sure to take.

Bolster Your Doorways

While the locks on a door will prevent a person from simply walking in, they won’t stop a determined thief who is ready to employ physical force. Every outside door should have at least two locks. For the best protection, install a deadbolt near the top of the door and another one down low. Reinforce the door-frames as well. There are many steel frame kits on the market that will provide excellent protection against someone trying to kick the door down.

Avoid Tempting Burglars

Homes with no signs of valuables inside are often burglarized just the same, but this doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t look at things from the thief’s perspective and eliminate any temptations. There are several ways to do this. First off, any valuable items should be moved out of view from the windows. You should also use caution when bringing expensive items home. Don’t unload them in plain view of the whole neighborhood, and be sure to dispose of the packaging discreetly.

Illuminate the Important Spots

Burglars look for darkened entryways or obscured windows so that they can enter without being seen. A few strategically placed lights can deny them this advantage. All of your doorways should be lit up at night. If it’s too much of a hassle to turn the lights on and off, put them on an automated timer.

Stop Crooks the High-tech Way

Naturally, a modern alarm system makes things incredibly difficult for burglars. Set up your security devices in layers so that there are numerous chances to catch them in the act. Motion lights in the yard will scare off most thieves. Those who persevere will encounter doorway and window alarms that ruin any chances of getting inside undetected. Since most ADT Miami monitoring services can send a message to law enforcement immediately, the burglars will be caught or scared away in minutes.

Signs and Window Stickers

If you have a security system, you should make it known so that the crooks give up before they even lay a finger on your house. If you don’t have one, try to fool them into thinking that you do! Signs and window stickers from a Miami ADT home security company will serve both purposes. Place the yard signs in backyards, alleys, and any other places that a criminal might traverse to gain access to your home. The stickers are so cheap that you might as well put them on every window.

Home security does not mean that you must live in constant fear. It simply requires a few modifications to your home and lifestyle so that you can rest easy. When you’re securing your home, don’t forget about these practical guidelines.

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