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Nine Reasons to Use Wireless Home Security

home-secuirty-wirelessHomeowners looking for security systems have a world of options to choose from – and what an overwhelming decision it is to make! Depending on their budget, the size of their homes and properties, and their individual security needs, their preferences may be quite different. Wireless home security systems are an attractive option – versatile, affordable, and low-impact.

1. Wireless home security goes beyond security!
Wireless security systems are a popular alternative to traditional hardwired security systems because they are more comprehensive. Homeowners do not have to purchase smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors separately – they are included in the cost of these systems.

2. Customizable to suit your needs.
Because wireless security systems do not require specific, wired connections between components in order to function properly, each motion sensor, camera, or smoke detector can be placed in the precise location where it will offer maximum peace of mind.

3. Affordable.
The customization that this type of security system offers makes it a far more inexpensive option than a security system that requires separate purchase and installation of various components.

4. Easy to install.
These systems generally take less than two hours to install, a huge contrast to the lengthy installation process of hardwired security systems. They cause minimal damage to homes and are not intrusive, requiring no drilling and leaving no exposed wires. They are great alternatives for homes made of concrete, brick, marble, or other hard materials that are difficult to drill into.

5. Broad and versatile range.
The wireless signal range has the ability to provide security for large properties, both inside and outside.

6. Battery operated.
This feature means that even during a power outage, the security system will remain up and running.

7. Homeowners can track their home’s security on the go!
Wireless systems can be checked remotely from the internet, or even from a smartphone. Homeowners can retain peace of mind no matter how far from home they are.

8. Guarantees a quick response to emergencies.
These systems do not rely on land lines to trigger or confirm the need for emergency responders. The cellular connection to emergency services guarantees that in a crisis, someone will arrive at the home within minutes – even if a criminal has cut the land lines.

9. Portable.
Wireless security systems can come along when homeowners move! Instead of paying for a new security system in a new home, they can simply re-install their old one.

Safety and peace of mind are critical pieces of home ownership. For homeowners looking for a comprehensive security system, wireless home security is worth considering.

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