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Six-point Checklist to Revamp Your Home Security This Fall

adt-miamiWith fall approaching, many people will take advantage of the cooler temperatures to make improvements around the house and yard. That’s why it’s the perfect time for a review of your home security strategy. These are just a few easy ways to ensure that every component of your plan is in working order.

Develop and Rehearse a Plan

Every family should have a plan in case a burglar manages to enter the home. There should be a designated safe room with a reinforced door and a telephone line. It should also have a chain or rope ladder so that the family can escape out the window if necessary. Develop a plan to get all of the family members into this room quickly. The plan should be redesigned if there have been any new additions to your family. Having a burglary defense plan that every family member knows by heart is just as important as a fire escape plan!

Update Your Alarm System

Even if you already have an alarm installed by a Miami ADT home security company, it couldn’t hurt to upgrade to a newer model once in a while. The technology used in alarms is constantly improving, and you should always protect your home with the best and the latest. Furthermore, an old alarm system may develop problems that could compromise the security of your home. To see a selection of the latest alarm systems on the market, contact a provider such as ADT Miami homeowners prefer.

Change Your Locks

Most homeowners have a few spare house keys to give to children or trusted friends. It’s possible that some of these keys have been lost or stolen. Children in particular are prone to losing house keys. If any of these copies are unaccounted for, it’s crucial that you change all of the locks. New locks are not expensive, and it only takes a few minutes to change them.

Fix Outdoor Lights

It’s widely known that leaving the porch lights on and having a network of motion lights aimed at your home will deter burglars since they prefer to work in the shadows. However, light bulbs do not last forever. We usually change the indoor light bulbs as soon as they burn out, but it’s easy to forget about the ones outside. If any exterior light bulbs have burned out, replace them. Don’t forget to test the bulbs on the motion lights as well. Buy compact fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs to get the most use out of them.

Replace Old Door and Window Frames

It’s critical to lock your doors and windows, but it’s no use if the frame is rotted and warped. The screws holding in the sturdiest deadbolt can be ripped right out of the doorframe if the wood has degraded enough. This is a common problem on older homes, although newer homes built with inferior materials might also have this issue. Check the frames for any signs of rotting. Try to open the door or window when it is locked. If the frame shows any signs of giving way, it’s time to replace it. Consider having metal door jambs installed; they are impervious to rotting and are much harder to kick down.

Eliminate Bad Security Habits

Sometimes, homeowners do things that may seem harmless but could be aiding a thief in scoping out the home and entering it. For example, spending the day pruning tree limbs and then leaving the ladder outside overnight is just an invitation for a burglar to climb through a second story window. Leaving other tools like crowbars and hacksaws outside could be giving thieves a hand as well. Be sure that all tools that could be useful to them are securely locked up in the garage or shed. Another bad habit is leaving notes for delivery personnel. A note that says, “I won’t be home; please leave the package on the doorstep” is letting the crook know that he will have all the time in the world to pilfer your belongings.

Home security is not a “set it and forget it” process. Homeowners must ensure that every layer of security is up to date in order to keep themselves and their families safe. Remember these recommendations this autumn for improving your home security.

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