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Protect Your Home from Robbers with These 15 Tips

Burglar Alarms Miami; Tips to Protect Your Home from RobbersWhether you’re packing your bags and leaving on a well deserved vacation overseas, or are simply visiting an old friend down South for a few days, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve done everything in your power to protect your home from would be criminals. The key to protecting your home from burglary is prevention. Don’t react. Be proactive. Listed in this article are fifteen ways to prevent a home invasion. They are based on the idea of maintaining activity in and around the house and maintaining an adequate level of security at all times.

15 Quick Tips to Protect Your Home

1.    Automate your lighting with timers so that your premise is illuminated in common areas for consistency. Even if you’re leaving for the evening, remember to turn an exterior and interior light on before you leave. It can make all the difference.

2.    Set up motion sensing lights in your front and back yard so that they are triggered whenever someone or something moves within the parameters.

3.    Make sure you adjust your shades and blinds accordingly. Bear in mind, however, that while shutting all your shades and blinds will keep out curious eyes, it’s also an open invitation to robbers, as it indicates to them that no one is home.

4.    Silence your home phone so it does not ring. Unfortunately, advancements in Internet technology have made it possible for burglars to easily find your number online and dial it from right outside your home to see if anyone picks up.

5.    Set your radio or TV or something “noisy” to turn on at times you would normally have them on throughout the day. The volume should be turned up high enough for robbers within close vicinity to hear it and be turned off immediately. Burglar Alarms Miami; Tips to Protect Your Home from Robbers

6.    Ask a friend or neighbor you trust to pick up your mail and newspapers so that they do not collect on your front lawn or mailbox. Alternatively, ask your delivery company to temporarily suspend deliveries.

7.    Speaking of lawn, have it mowed regularly. It’s really obvious to intruders that you’re away if your property has gone from boasting an immaculately maintained garden to an overgrown mess.

8.    Adjust your thermostat accordingly. Burglars will catch on as they know that a home with an air conditioning unit that is never turned on during hot summer vacation months is most likely to be unoccupied.

9.    Get a trusted neighbor or friend to park their car in your driveway in order to create an appearance that someone is home.

10.    Secure your premises by locking all the doors and windows. It may surprise you to know that many home invasions have no forced entry whatsoever. Homeowners have simply left a door or window unlocked. For your sake, get into the habit of locking doors even when you’re at home.

11.    Avoid displaying your valuables in plain sight, especially if you live on the ground level. Any peeping Tom can easily see inside and will have a greater motivation to burglarize your home if they see high definition plasma TVs, fine China and art pieces. It’s our suggestion to step outside and peer in through your own windows. If you can see anything valuable, remove it from sight.

12.    Trim hedges, shrub, trees and any vegetation near windows and entryways. If you let it get out of hand, burglars can use it to their advantage as a cover. They can hide behind your out of control greenery and shrubbery, and get closer to peep inside or wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Burglar Alarms Miami; Tips to Protect Your Home from Robbers 13.    Do NOT leave a spare key under a doormat. It’s become so commonplace that it’s the first place burglars think to look. If you really trust your neighbor, leave it with them.

14.    Pack away ladders, tools or any other objects that burglars may be tempted to use to break in and enter. A ladder in the front yard is a very convenient way for a burglar to gain access to higher windows. Other tools can also be used to break glass windows.

15.    Don’t become predictable. Savvy burglars monitor your everyday movements such as when you go to work, the grocery store, yoga class etc. It’s a wise idea to vary your routine so robbers can’t keep track of when you’re least likely to be home.

Burglar Protection: ADT and the Pulse Network

ADT is American’s # security company and trusted name in home security. We established ourselves in 1874 and have been going strong for the last 100 years. In the last century, we’ve protected over 8 million homes and offer protection for your family and friends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t only offer security either. We offer peace of mind. We’ve developed the ADT Pulse Network which gives our customers greater control via a Z-Wave technology that allows you to monitor your home straight from your smartphone or tablet. Our plans and packages and simple and easy installation are sure to meet your needs.

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Home Security Concepts is an ADT authorized dealer. Our teams of security experts are happy to provide you with additional tips on how to protect your home from robbers. Contact one of our professional customer service representatives for more information about our plans and packages. We can be reached at 954) 713-9411 for Broward County and (305) 424-9219 for Miami-Dade County.

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