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10 Easy Back-to-School Home Security Tips

home-alone-fort-lauderdaleAs a new school year begins, it’s vital to keep home security in mind. Parents and children often leave houses vacant during the day when school is in session. This creates opportunities for burglars who prefer to avoid confrontation. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk with these easy tips:

1. Don’t leave a spare key for your child in an obvious hiding place, such as under a doormat. Consider giving it to a trusted family member who lives nearby.

2. Always lock all of the doors and windows before you leave in the morning. Remind children to keep the doors locked if they return home before a parent arrives.

3. For extra protection, close storm windows or screens while you’re away. Burglars don’t want to attract attention, so they avoid break-ins that involve extra effort and noise.

4. Try to conceal valuable possessions. You may accomplish this by putting up opaque curtains and using caution when you post indoor photos on the Internet.

5. Remember to switch off any outdoor lights when you depart. If you forget to do this, try using timed floodlights or posting a reminder next to the light switch.

6. Consider setting up a timer to turn an electronic device on and off at certain times of day. It’s best to choose an item that doesn’t consume much power, such as a radio.

7. Schedule home repairs, real estate showings and similar services at times when you can remain at home. A dishonest contractor could steal items or fail to lock all of the doors before leaving.

8. Take the time to educate kids about Miami ADT home security. For example, they should know what to do if they get locked outside or an unfamiliar person knocks on the door.

9. Purchase a sophisticated security system to deter and shorten break-ins. When in need of an ADT alarm, Miami residents can count on us for affordable and professional installation services.

10. If you, your child or your security system calls the police, they need to find your house quickly. Make sure the street address numbers on your home and mailbox are highly visible.

These tips may help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements. Basically, you can benefit from almost anything that slows down or draws attention to burglars without endangering your family. Please keep us in mind if you need advanced ADT Security in Miami.

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