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3 Winter Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

adt miami alarm systemsWhile winter means different things in different parts of the country in terms of temperature and weather conditions, there is one constant for everyone: less daylight. It gets darker earlier at night and takes longer for the sun to come up in the morning. That makes home security especially important during the winter. Here are three winter home security tips to keep your family safe.

Keep your curtains and blinds closed

Around Christmas, presents under the tree can be a big invitation to thieves to hit your house. And the temptation is even bigger if they can see them. To prevent that, keep your curtains and blinds closed, especially when you aren’t home. Just because they can’t see what you have in your home to steal doesn’t mean thieves will leave you alone, but keeping your goods out of view does lessen the chances you will be hit.

Keep holiday lights on

One good thing about the winter when it comes to security is holiday lights. These can give you an extra layer of deterrent for keeping thieves away, because burglars are less likely to try to break into a house that is well lit. Though it may increase your electric bill, it’s a good idea to keep your lights on all night long and in the evening when you aren’t home. You may be able to use your Miami ADT alarm system to turn your lights on and off.

Don’t leave packages outside

One of the biggest home security threats during the holidays is packages left outside. Having packages delivered to your doorstep when you aren’t home makes things easy for thieves. They can steal from you without even having to deal with your ADT home security in Miami. If someone isn’t home all the time to receive packages, have them delivered to work or ask to pick them up from a store or from the office or warehouse of the package delivery firm.

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