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3 Reasons to Change Your Locks

wireless alarm systems in ft lauderdaleDoor locks provide a protective layer of security for those inside a home or other building. While it would be nice to live a world where locks are not needed, that simply is not reality. Having quality locks on doors and other points or entry is important to assure the safety of both people and property. While locks will many years of useful service, there are many good reasons to replace existing locks.

Outdated Technology

As with other devices, door knobs, deadbolts and other locks get better over time. As thieves find ways to pick existing locks, lock manufacturers create new technology to defeat them. In order to have the best security locks possible, home and other building owners need to update their locks from time to time. ADT Miami can also provide additional security services to keep a home or other building safe from thieves.

New Home

Whenever someone moves into a new home, it is important to have the locks changed. Though he or she may have received keys from a real estate agent or a past occupant, there still may be other sets of keys in existence. In fact, there may even be forgotten emergency keys hidden outside of the home where someone may later find them. In the case of a rental property, most landlords will allow tenants to change locks as long as the landlord is given a new set of keys for the property.

Lost Keys

Whenever keys are lost, the locks should be changed. As there is no way of knowing where the keys are, or who may have them, it is best to change the locks to keep a home or other building secure. Even if the keys are returned, a thief may have copied the keys before returning them as a way to keep the building owner from changing the locks. Security services from Miami ADT home security can help to provide peace of mind to customers who lose their keys by providing home or business monitoring until the locks can be changed.

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