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4 Home Security Tips for Elders

elderly-home-securityLiving alone while growing older comes with certain challenges. Even a marked couple who is beyond retirement age may begin to feel vulnerable to local crime. Fortunately, a few simple security tips can help to restore a sense of security and confidence.

Leave the lights on.

To discourage intruders, it is a good idea to leave some household lights on at night. A night light or a small lamp can help to discourage break-ins. Criminals avoid well-lit homes and the fear of being identified when a light is on. An outside flood light with a motion detector often discourages burglars, as well.

Remove shrubbery near the house.

Have shrubs, trees, bushes, and other foliage removed from around the house. Thick greenery provides a hiding place for criminals while scouting a way to break into a home. With no place to hide, they are likely to go elsewhere.

Install a security system.

A quality security system can give you peace of mind. For example, ADT Miami offers many kinds of security devices, like window and door alarms, motion detectors, and video cameras, along with outdoor and window signage to warn would-be intruders away from the premises. Miami ADT home security can help you choose the best security plan for your home.

Stay in touch with family or friends.

Contact family and friends frequently to let them know you are okay. You may want to prearrange phone calls or text messages for certain times, so that if you don’t call, they can come and check on you to be sure everything is okay. Give someone you trust a key to your home so they can enter in case you fall or someone is trying to break in.

Enjoy your golden years without fear. Learn how a professional home security system can protect you.

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