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Home Security Lessons from a Retired Member of Military Special Forces

adt-miamiHome security is a full time and serious matter. Practically every household in the world practices some type of home security routine, whether you realize it or not. Perhaps locking your doors at night or turning your outside lights on, it does not take a member of military Special Forces to protect their home to some degree; but we asked one anyway.

Being a member of Special Forces comes with a lot of pre-conceived notions for members of the public. Do any of these sound familiar: “He probably has an arsenal of firearms and ammunition,” or “He probably sleeps with his eyes open and low crawls through his back yard.” Granted, there may be some former members of Special Forces who employ these tactics, but not the one we spoke with.

The former member of Special Forces we spoke with said the following in regards to home security: “The best offense is a proactive defense with a heavy dosage of vigilance.” Probably not what you were expecting, right? Even though this individual has been highly trained in defensive fighting tactics and could field strip and reassemble an M-16 rifle in under 3-minutes, he knows when his family is on the line he needs help protecting them completely.

The ex-Special Forces member went on to say he utilizes the services of an ADT home security system. He has approximately 10-motion detectors placed on various windows and doors throughout his home. Two video surveillance cameras are set-up outside which watch over his front and back doors. These camera’s, he noted, can be monitored while he is away. All of his exterior lights are motion activated and provide coverage to all areas of his yard.

Lastly, he stated he is going to up-grade with a bio-metric (fingerprint) activated door lock once his children get a little older. “Don’t get me wrong” he stated, “I still have guns, but they are locked up and away from my children. In the event of an emergency I have the ADT system and a baseball bat. Guns are nice, but with 2-small children, anything can happen.”

When it comes to practicality, you can’t beat an ADT system. Unless you sit in your home 24/7 listening for intruders and watching your driveway, you won’t get the same protection ADT offers. Protecting your home can be as hard, or as easy, as you want it to be; the choice is yours to make.

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