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How to Prevent Pickpocketing

woman-stealing-laptop_pan_13480Hundreds of people are pickpocketed on a daily basis. Many of them are tourists, but some of them are regular people walking the streets. Pickpocketing is a crime in which one person reaches into another person’s pocket and takes something valuable to that person. Pickpocketing is something that occurs much more than people realize. Many jurisdictions consider pickpocketing a petty crime, and many consumers do not protect themselves because they do not see the threat. Unfortunately, people end up losing valuable assets such as their wallets, keys, jewelry, cell phones and identification because of pickpocketing ignorance. The following are some ways that a person can avoid a pickpocketing incident:

Do Not Count Money in Public
One important tip for avoiding pickpocketing is not to count money in public. In fact, a person should not open a purse or a wallet in public at all if it can be avoided. Professional pickpockets scour the area and search for people who expose their treasures.

Keep Wallets and Cash in a Purse
All wallets and cash should be tucked neatly away in a purse. Carrying cash or wallets in a pocket is a bad idea. Pickpockets like to steal from people when they are in large crowds with their wallets hanging out.

Wear the Purse in a Diagonal Fashion
A woman can avoid being pickpocketed by wearing her purse diagonally and tightly around herself. A thief would not be able to pickpocket her without touching her in some way.

Avoid Large Crowds
Avoiding large crowds is another way that one can avoid pickpocketing. People bump into other people frequently in the midst of large crowds. Pickpockets frequent large crowds searching for thievery opportunities.

Finally, a person will want to stay aware of his or her surroundings at all times. Many pickpocketing victims are such victims because they do not focus on their surroundings. Assertiveness is a virtue that will keep consumers safe from predatory shoppers who like to pickpocket other people.

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