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5 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid To Keep Your Home Security in Top Shape

Protect your houseHome security is something you need to think about when living in Miami. Many people do not realize that some everyday actions could be making a home more attractive to burglars. Here are five things you should absolutely avoid to keep your home security in top shape.

Leaving Curtains Open at Night

A big mistake is to leave your curtains or blinds open at night. This allows burglars to see exactly what is inside. It also shows that you are not currently in certain rooms. This gives criminals the chance to break in without being seen.

Leaving Doors and Windows Unlocked For Convenience

Many people in Miami leave doors and windows unlocked at all times for the sake of convenience. This is a mistake. You want to keep all your doors and windows locked whenever they are closed even if you are home. Close and lock your first floor windows at night. Those locks are your first line of defense against burglars.

Allowing the House to Sit Unprotected

A major mistake is allowing your house to sit unprotected. You need to have a Miami ADT home security system installed. The security system will work while you are home and away. It will deter most criminals from getting anywhere near your property. It is also important to keep a security system from ADT Miami on at all times even if you are in the house.

Letting the Property Get Overgrown

Never let the property around your Miami house become overgrown. An overgrown property provides hiding places for criminals who could break in unseen and then leave through the brush. Cut back all your bushes and plants so that there is nowhere for a criminal to hide near your house. Try to keep everything near the walls below waist level.

Bragging On Social Media

Do not make the mistake of bragging on social media about things that could cause your house to become the target of criminals. You do not want to mention that you are leaving on vacation. Never talk about new expensive purchases. Do not describe problems like a broken door or window. Burglars could be listening.

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