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Four Ways to Burglar Proof Your Patio

adt-miami-alarmsYour patio is an extension of your home. You want to keep it safe and secure for you and your family to enjoy. ADT home security in Miami offers you the following four tips to help you keep this area protected against burglaries.

Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting provides extra security for your patio area. When a motion is sensed, the light will automatically come on. It remains on until no more motion is detected. Nothing stops a burglar faster than thinking they’ve been discovered. They also won’t hang around if the cover of darkness has vanished. Sensor lights are an excellent deterrent that is affordable and easy to install.


A strong fence with a high top is difficult for a burglar to break through or climb over. A picket fence with sharp points works well too without blocking the view. If nothing else, it will slow down any intruders. Thieves are looking for quick and easy ways in and back out. Use a latch or lock that self closes. Remember that the easier it is for you to enter or leave, the easier it is for them.

Protect Belongings

Secure all items that are left on your patio. BBQs, furniture, and fire pits can be held down with a locked cable or chain. You will also want to take pictures of your patio furnishings for insurance purposes. If a robbery does take place, the pictures will help your insurance company compensate you for the loss.

Alarm Systems

A good home alarm system in Miami is the best protection you can have against burglaries. Although the alarm may not cover the outdoor areas, it is good to let them know your home is protected. Alert burglars of your Miami ADT alarm system by placing stickers in the windows and signs on the lawn. Keep your security cameras visible. No burglar wants his face recorded. You can also start a neighborhood watch, and post signs for this as well.

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