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About ADT


Founded in 1874, ADT is the leading home security company in the world. ADT’s team of trained professionals monitor your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The most respected name in security, ADT helps protect over 6 million American homes as well as over 90% of Fortune 500 companies. A large percentage of U.S. retailers, financial institutions, airports and even government buildings also are protected by ADT-monitored systems.

ADT Security System uses sensors to monitor your household for heat, temperature spikes, flooding and carbon monoxide levels. Real-time monitoring of a house combined with these advanced sensors puts ADT above any other security service on the market.

100% Coverage for Your Security Needs

ADT Monitoring Stations

ADT Monitoring Stations

ADT has six Customer Monitoring Centers spread strategically throughout the United States. So even if the center closest to you goes down due to a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster, your calls will be automatically re-routed to another Customer Monitoring Center. In other words, you’ll always be protected.

And with an ADT Monitored Security System, you may be eligible for the following guarantees and savings:


  1. Theft Protection Guarantee: Gain peace of mind from knowing your insurance deductible (up to $500) will be paid if a burglary occurs while your ADT Miami alarm system is armed.* (certain restrictions apply)
  2. “System for Life” Guarantee: If you move from your home two years after becoming an ADT customer, ADT will provide you with the special Premium Movers Package. This package includes a FREE ADT Monitored Home Security System for your new home PLUS an additional 10% discount on upgrades (a value of up to $749).** (certain restrictions apply)
  3. Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate: Owning an ADT Monitored Security System may qualify you for a discount of up to 20% off the annual cost of your homeowner’s insurance.**

To find out more about how an ADT Monitored Security System can work for you, please call (305) 424-9219 or click here.