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Three Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home Security Today

adt south floridaWith the beginning of a new year, it is time to consider some updates for your home. Revamping your home should first begin with your home security system. The fact is that revamping your system is easy when you choose a Miami ADT home security system. The following are three easy ways to get you started on updating your home’s security:

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must for the homeowner that wants to update their system. Security cameras can be installed both inside and outside the home and offer you great protection. Not only can you see what is going on inside your home, but you can see what is going on outside the home. Worried that someone is breaking into your home? All you need to do is check the camera and call the police if someone is there.

Get Two Way Voice Communication on Your Digital Keypad

You also have the option with Miami ADT home security to get two way voice communications right on the digital keypad. Imagine that you are entering the code to let yourself in your home and a burglar comes up behind you. You can simply press the communication button and say, “Call police now!” Chances are that this is going to scare the burglar away.

Get ADT Pulse

By updating your ADT Miami security system, you can monitor your home from any location. In fact, with ADT Pulse, you can adjust the temperature settings on your A/C or heating system and turn the lights off or on. With this system, it is also possible to have emails or texts sent to you if something changes. For example, if you are away from home and your system is disarmed, you can receive a text to alert you that someone is in your home.

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