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30-Minute Home Security Checklist

adt-home-securityProtecting a home can be a hassle when you fall into “but nothing ever happens around here” mode. Of course the one time you don’t lock your door is the one time a burglar shows up.

Though violent crime rates continue to fall nationwide property crime rates stay consistently high. 30-minutes or less is all one needs to maintain a little piece-of-mind when it comes to home security. Below is a quick checklist you can use in order to lessen your chances of becoming a property crime victim.

Everyday Security:
– Lock all windows and doors (including garage door)
– Put away household items left outside (bicycles, children’s toys, lawnmower, etc.)
– Keep shrubs trimmed to eliminate hidings spots
– Lock car doors while keeping valuable items out of plain sight
– Be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood
– Purchase and use light timers & sensors when feasible
– Make sure your property or renter’s insurance policy is current

While Away (in addition to above):
– Have a trusted friend pick up your mail and/or flyers on your door
– Put a hold on any home deliveries (newspaper, etc.)
– Hire a lawn service if you will be away for an extend time
– Do not leave outdoor items around (garbage cans)
– Lastly remove that spare key you have hiding in that “rock” that we all know is not really rock

The most important thing to remember is not to be an easy target. If you are proactive about security the bad-guys will notice and choose an easier target. Hopefully this quick guide will keep you from having to explain to your significant other how the Christmas sweater their mom gave you is missing and presumed stolen from your closet. Good luck with that!

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