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Home Security Alarms; How to Protect your Home from Break-Ins

Home Security AlarmsToo often homeowners take their peace of mind and sense of security for granted. The FBI has reported a minor percentage drop in reported home robberies during normal economic time, now with the economy declining the rate for home burglaries has increased significantly. Even living in a society that is more alert and aware due to terrorism, we are far from those days of being worry free from home break ins. Family safety is priceless, and many homeowners are misinformed when it pertains to ensuring their home and family. It is note worthy to pay attention to the following 5 common errors homeowners make when it comes to establishing a safe and secure home.

One mistake that is a constant problem is really taking one’s home security for granted. Now a days, no one is immune to the potential of a home robbery. All areas, urban or suburban, are a target for crime, and a matter of fact that crime rate is increasing. There is no cause for panic, but educate yourself in prevention. Don’t be a lazy and uninformed homeowner; take the proper steps to insure and protect your home. These steps are basic and elementary, as well as simple. The most cost effective choice in protecting your home is with a home security system with 24 hour monitoring . ADT is the largest and nationally renowned choice, and their rates are very reasonable.

Many homeowners make the great mistake of leaving their doors and windows unlocked. While we may feel that we know our neighborhoods well or that we have lived in an area for all our lives. Unfortunately this mentality puts at risk the entire family. Those days are long gone and our families must be protected at all costs. Locking your doors and windows regardless is the first line of defense for securing your home. Unlocked doors and windows are how many home burglaries occur. A home invader will take advantage of any opportunity, and you will be the one at fault for not securing your family properly. Most burglars study the neighborhood, they note when someone is home or not. Many times a burglar may even walks to the door and knocks to make sure no one is home.

A third common mistake homeowners make is that they leave a  key underneath a door mat or in a unsecured area. This is a very predictable move that many homeowners do, burglars are so well aware of it and they will attempt to locate where any spare keys may have been hidden. The main reason for spare keys is for convenience but be prepared for the consequence that may result from a burglary. A wiser choice would be to leave the spare key with a trusted family member or neighbor. Either way, if a home security system monitored by ADT would be the best choice in any event. If a burglar found your keys he/she would also need to know your access codes in order to deactivate the home alarm.

A common mistake is the homeowner’s trees and bushes. Trees and plants are a big part of a homeowners look and feel to the home, but this is also a potential risk to be targeted for a home invasion. Be aware of potential weaknesses in your home due to these big and lush plants, because a burglar can use them for hiding and spying your home. It is always overlooked but, appearance of your home does not have to put you at risk for a burglary. Try to keep your home well lighted and clear of line of sight for your neighbors to see your property.

The final common mistake is to not have installed an ADT monitored home security system. Local ADT dealers usually have the best cost on service and installation. The benefits and peace of mind that an ADT alarm brings is priceless. Don’t become a statistic and take your family’s safety seriously.

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