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3 Ways to Keep Home Wifi Safe From Hackers

home-secuirty-wirelessMost people take their home wifi for granted – but did you know that a wifi system left alone is an excellent entry point for hackers looking to steal data and personal information? Help keep your home wifi network safe with these three simple tips!

3. Password Protect Your Network

Setting the password on your home network helps keep unwanted users away – you’d be surprised how many people leave their networks unsecured! One step you may not have taken is working to reset the password of any hardware you received when setting up your wifi. Contact your service provider and ask about resetting the default password on your hardware – this is a step many people overlook and one that hackers love to exploit.

2. Enable Encryption

This starts to get into the technical realm of wifi routers, but it’s well worth taking a minute or two to make sure your signal is WPA2 encrypted. To get there, make sure your hardware is up to date, then open up your router configuration page and set encryption to WPA2. If you’re not sure how to access your router configuration page, contact your Internet service provider for help.

1. Reduce the Range of Your Wireless Signal

If you don’t give them physical access to the signal, they won’t be able to see your network, let alone break into it! Look at the instruction manual that came with your router to figure out how to decrease its range, or if it’s a proprietary router you’re renting through your service provider, get in touch with them and let them know what you’re looking to do. They’ll be glad to help you out, especially in the name of network security!

Not only can we install your ADT home security in Miami, we also want to make sure your information is as safe as possible. Talk to us after we finish with your Miami ADT alarm system and we’ll help you get up to speed on wireless network security!

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