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Five Tips on Securing Your Winter Home

miami-home-security-system-benefitsIf you’re a Miami resident who owns a home in a place with freezing winters, you know that the temperatures can present some unique challenges. This is also true for home security. When you’re spending time at your second home during the winter months, take these steps to ward off any burglars.

Remove Air Conditioners

You might have some air conditioners that remain in the windows well into fall, especially if the area has unpredictable weather around this time of year. While most window AC units have nail holes for securing them to the frame, they are still a weak point in the home’s security. As soon as the weather permits, take these units out and go back to using the window locks. Miami ADT home security companies have numerous devices available that can improve window security, so find a reputable company in the area of your winter home to install them.

Clear Away Excess Snow

An unmowed lawn in the summer is an indicator of an empty house, and so is a thick layer of undisturbed snow. If the driveway or sidewalks haven’t been shoveled, criminals will know that your winter home is an easy target. When you shovel snow, avoid piling it up too close to the house; it could provide burglars with a place to hide while they attempt to break in. If you’re not present to shovel the snow, arrange for someone else to do it before leaving.

Check Your Outdoor Security Devices

Every security-minded homeowner has motion lights and other security devices outside. These function well in the summer, but the extreme cold might present problems. First off, ensure that they are not obstructed by ice or snow. You should also test them more frequently since low temperatures can wear out electronic components. Even though your usual ADT Miami technician isn’t available in the area, find another company with good user reviews to replace any part of your system that gets damaged.

Put Away Disused Outdoor Valuables

You probably won’t get much use out of your barbecue or lawn furniture during the winter, so there’s no point in leaving it out where it may attract thieves. Put it in the garage out of view. If this is not an option for you, chain the items together. They won’t be as secure as they would be in a garage, but it will be a serious hassle for any burglar to carry them off.

Guard Your Expensive Gifts

The winter season means that the holidays are approaching. When you’re buying gifts for your friends and family, take steps to conceal the presence of these expensive items stored in your home. Burglars often cruise through neighborhoods looking for boxes that indicate a big purchase such as a television, jewelry, or firearms. Don’t give burglars a clue by putting the packaging from these items on the curb. Instead, cut them up into small pieces and conceal them in the garbage. You could also drive them to the waste management station yourself.

Winter security is essentially the same as any other time of the year with a few extra things to consider relating to the cold weather and snow. Criminals take advantage of these conditions to maximize their chances of success, so homeowners should always know how to counter them. These simple precautions make it easy to enjoy yourself without worrying about thieves plundering your second home.

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