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5 Tips to Keeping Valuables in Your Yard Protected from Theft

lush green lawnMany people around Miami have yards that contain valuable things. These could be ornaments or even expensive grills. You do not want criminals to be able to get into your yard and steal those items. Here are a few tips for keeping valuables in your yard protected from theft.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Start by trying to keep valuable hidden from the main roads or sidewalks around you Miami house. You do not want criminals causally walking by and seeing that there are valuable items outside your home. Try to keep the valuables in a place where you can use and appreciate them only by being in your yard.

Get an Outdoor Security System

Install a home security system that includes cameras or other sensors monitoring your yard. With ADT home security in Miami, you can protect all of the valuables in your yard at once with cameras. The presence of a home security system is likely to stop burglars from even attempting to reach the valuables around your house.

Landscape to Stop Criminals

Take some time to landscape your yard and property to stop criminals. You want to ensure that there is no easy way for burglars to climb between your yard and neighboring properties. Keep bushes and plants low so that there is no easy place to hide in your yard. Consider planting thorny bushes or hedges at key points to discourage intruders.

Put Up Outdoor Lights

Put up outdoor lights that illuminate your valuables and different routes around your home. Bright lights are a good way to stop criminals from coming onto your property. Few burglars will attempt to steal a valuable from a brightly lit yard. An added bonus is that you can sometimes get outdoor lights as part of a Miami ADT alarm system.

Store Valuables in A Locked Shed When Not In Use

A final tip is to think about storing your valuables in a locked shed when not in use. A durable shed with a good lock can protect your valuable when they are not needed. Having a shed means the valuables will still be outside and easily accessible whenever you need them. This is a simple way to increase security in your yard.

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