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Security Alarm Installation in Miami

Safe, reliablSecurity Alarm Installation in Miamie, secure, guaranteed.  This is what a top-rate installed security alarm system provides, and Home Security Concepts authorized ADT dealer in Miami is the company that can provide this security for your home or business.

Making the decision to have a security alarm installed in your home or business is a major step towards taking control of your safety, and that of your family or employees.  Now that you have selected Home Security Concepts as your security alarm company, it’s time to be sure that your security alarm system is installed in the best possible manner by reliable and knowledgeable security professionals.

Many security companies in and around the Miami area advertise on the internet for “Security Alarm Installers’, hiring people with little to no training, and worse, little or no screening.  And for you, the novice security alarm purchaser, this is not a fair introduction to the peace of mind that a properly installed security alarm system and company can provide for you.

At Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT dealer located in the heart of Miami, we find this practice does not serve your best interest as it potentially leaves you vulnerable in a variety of ways.  Your home is your safe haven, your business is imperative to provide your income.  Allowing improperly vetted or untrained ‘security’ workers to install your alarm system can jeopardize what you thought was bringing you peace of mind.

As an award winning security company, Home Security Concepts feels it is our duty to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and professionalism that you deserve, including a proper and confidential consultation and the comfort of knowing that our security professionals are just that:  professionals who are properly screened, well trained and who take pride in ensuring your security needs are met.

Our History, Our Commitment

At Home Security Concepts, our Job #1 is to provide you with the security that your home or business is entitled to.  Our extensive customer base, many of whom are long term customers, number over six-million and are testimony to our ability to successfully secure both homes and businesses.

For over 140 years, we have grown and evolved in the security industry often pioneering new and effective security programs and equipment.  In synchronicity with our innovations in security comes the development of the training programs needed.  We ensure our security professionals meet all the high-level standards of ADT before they are hired.  Next, we ensure that they are properly vetted, and next receive the training required through our in-house training program.  We are proud of our award winning sales and installation team and continue to ensure that each and every security alarm installation meets with your satisfaction, we guaranty it.

Home Security Concepts, authorized ADT dealer doesn’t just ‘say’ we are safe, reliable, and secure.  We guarantee it through our ADT Money-Back Service Guarantee, ADT Theft Protection Guarantee, ADT Relocation Discount Guarantee and our Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate.

Installation and Excellence

With the advances in cutting edge security systems and technology today, our highly trained security professionals work with you, taking you through a detailed consultation to identify your specific security needs.  No matter what size your home or condo, your business or warehouse, the right security alarm system can be configured for you, completely customized to your needs and your budget.

Once your security alarm equipment and program is identified, the installation process is arranged.  At an agreed upon date and time, usually the same day, our security professionals will arrive at your location prepared and ready to install your security alarm system.

With our cutting edge technology and equipment, wires and unsightly bulky wall pads are a thing of the past.  Streamlined and digital, elegant and powerful equipment gets installed exactly where it’s most convenient for you and where it’s most effective in deterring criminals.

Home Security Concepts, authorized ADT dealer has an extensive inventory of equipment to ensure the right product for the right job.  Wireless door and window sensors or if needed, glass breaking sensors, can be installed for a one-door condo to a four-story home.  Whatever your home or business security alarm needs, we can install as many or few sensors as you need.

Additionally, we understand the need to protect our special family members, our pets.  For pets under 80 pounds, our specially designed pet-immune motion detectors have the ability to distinguish between humans and animals, so no harm will come to your precious pets.

Going further for your security alarm needs, our monitoring system goes above and beyond your expectations.  Through our 24 hour monitoring through our multiple-monitoring centers, backed by extremely powerful equipment and secure links, we can ensure that any call from your security alarm system is responded to immediately, processed to the appropriate first responders and fast, especially when seconds count and can mean the difference between life and death.

Simple To Use

As the #1 security company in America, Home Security Concepts, authorized ADT dealer in Miami, we know that we are only successful when our customers are satisfied using our equipment.  And we understand that the only way our equipment is successful is when you, our customer, has a thorough understanding of your security alarm equipment and a high comfort level in using it.

As part of our installation process, our well-trained security professionals spend time with you to ensure that you are confident using your security alarm system, it’s function and it’s interaction with the appropriate first-responders.  Our security professionals also make sure that should you have any questions after the installation process, that you know exactly how to contact us to ensure that your questions are answered at once.

We’re Always There and We Mean It

Proper installation of your security alarm system is imperative to its success protecting you, your home and loved ones or your business from harm.  From our state-of-the-art technology to our well-trained, concerned employees, we offer you quick, efficient response time when seconds count.

Contact us today to learn how we can protect you. 24/7, 365 days a year, all day, every day. Home Security Concepts and ADT Always There.

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