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Keep Your Home Safe During the Holiday These 4 Ways

fat-camp-for-adultsWhile enjoying the festivities of the holiday season, it is important to keep things safe on the home front. With a little planning, due diligence, and carefully following a few tips, a home owner can rest easier and laugh longer with family and friends knowing his belongings will still be in place when he returns home.

1. Don’t tell the whole world when you will be gone.

Unbelievably, some people think it’s okay to post their entire holiday itinerary on social media networks without regard to the fact that friends of friends of friends, and perhaps some enemies, can likely see the information. If a person feels the need to reveal everything he does and everywhere he goes, it may be wise for this individual to wait to post such intimate details until after he has arrived back home from each outing.

2. Install a monitored system.

Companies like ADT Home Security in Miami suggest that home owners install a Miami ADT alarm system which can be the extra set of eyes and ears needed to help prevent loss during the holiday season and year round. If a thief tries to break in to steal holiday cheer, the system can be the barrier that helps stop entry.

3. Set timers on interior lights.

Using multiple timers, which can be purchased inexpensively, plug various lamps throughout the house into the units then stagger the activation times. For example, set a living room lamp to come on around dusk and go off around bedtime. Additionally, set a bedroom light to turn on as the living room light goes off. This gives the illusion that a live person is moving around in the house.

4. Do something about the mail.

Either contact the post office and stop mail delivery when no one will be home or ask a trusted person to stop by regularly to collect any letters, magazines and parcels that have arrived. Nothing invites a thief to help himself to the contents of a house more than a fully stuffed and overflowing mailbox accompanied by delivered packages sitting on the porch.

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