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Use These Four Inexpensive Tips to Improve Your Home Security

Protect your houseThere is no greater an investment a homeowner can make than an investment into their homes security. Sure, you can brag to your neighbors about a new kitchen, but will granite countertops keep your family safe at night? Below are a few tips to help improve your homes security without breaking the bank.

1. Invest in good quality door locks. Most homes, even new homes, have some of the cheapest door locks on the market. These cheap locks are made from poor quality metals and cost under $10 to buy. These cheap locks were installed by homebuilders to increase their bottom line. There are much higher quality locks out there which cost under $100.

2. Create a social media site for your neighborhood. We all know two sets of eyes are better than one. A social media group which focuses on security will alert you to suspicious characters and thefts in a much more efficient way than hearing it from a third party. The key to this idea is to restrict posts to security concerns only. You don’t want people posting every little thing about their lives to the site. Keeping people interested and engaged can greatly enhance your neighborhoods security posture. The best part is its free!

3. Balancing a secure home with an inviting home is difficult. Metal bars on the windows are very secure for you home, but your house won’t be winning any neighborhood beauty awards. You will be better served by creating low key security features for you home. For starters, start replacing any windows which are made from un-tempered glass or are single pain with double pained, tempered glass. Single pain glass breaks easily and quietly. Double pained tempered glass is difficult to break and will alert every single person on the block that a window just broke. You don’t have to replace all windows at once. A few here and there, starting on the first floor, will get you started.

4. Lastly, consider having a home security system installed in your home. Installation costs are usually inexpensive and you cannot match the security which comes along with a modern system. There are multiply systems out there which fit most budgets.

Home security should not be taken lightly. In terms of protecting a family; a homeowner must be right all of the time while a criminal only has to be lucky once.

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