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5 Precautions to Take When Going on Vacation

Burglar Alarms Miami; Tips to Protect Your Home from RobbersVacations provide a well deserved break from the stress and frustration associated with everyday life. Whether it is a seven-day cruise, a three-month trip around the world, or just an afternoon or two at the beach or camping, there are certain precautions a Miami resident should take in order to keep their property and their belongings safe while they are away.

Hire Someone to House Sit
The number one step that a person can take in order to keep their house safe when they’re gone is to have someone who they trust in living in their home. It could be a relative, a friend, or someone who was contracted by a house sitting service. This is one of the more expensive options, but it does cover all bases.

Install a Home Security System
Installing a Miami ADT home security system is an excellent way to make your home safe when you are not there. One of the great things about an ADT Miami home security system is that it is at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will protect your home when you are sleep and when you are away on vacation.

Stop Your Mail
An overflowing mailbox is a surefire sign to would be thieves that no one is home. A simple call to the post office will stop mail delivery for up to 30 days, making the home less of a target to thieves.

Simulate Normal Activity
The more unoccupied a home looks, the larger of a target it will be for thieves. While on vacation, Miami residents should do things to simulate normal activity. This may include using a home control system that allows them to remotely turn the lights on and off. Or a neighbor could go to the house every so often and give the appearance that the house is lived in.

Don’t Tell the World You’re Leaving
Social media networks can be a thief’s best friend. If a person announces to the world on social media that they’re going to be away for some time, a thief knows exactly when to attack. It is also prudent to be discreet when discussing vacation plans with people you do not know well.

Your vacation is a much-deserved break from the stresses of life. By taking some simple precautions, you can guarantee that things will be as nice and secure as you left them when you return home.

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