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4 Home Security Mistakes Everyone Makes

adt south floridaBecoming a victim of burglary is something that nobody ever wants to go through. However, it unfortunately happens all too often to good, hard-working people. The FBI estimated in 2013 that a burglary happened roughly once every sixteen seconds. Your home could have easily been a target of any of those burglaries.

Burglary can be prevented by avoiding these common home security mistakes:

1. Forgetting to properly store your ladder.
This is especially important for homeowners of two story homes. Windows on upper levels tend to be left unlocked, and a criminal can easily use a ladder lying around in your backyard to reach them. Always keep all possible entrances to your home locked, and store any ladders in your shed or garage.

2. Hiding a spare key outside.
Experienced burglars will know the exact outdoor places to search for a spare key. If you need to hide a spare key, let someone you trust hang onto it. If you want to hide it elsewhere, consider a safe or change purse.

3. Depending on a dog to serve as adequate home security.
Dogs can be intimidating to a certain extent, but criminals aren’t often deterred by them. This is especially true if the criminal knows you aren’t home.

4. Placing your alarm in view of a window.
Simply put, you’re in trouble if a burglar could hypothetically see your alarm system through a window. This means they would be able to analyze the alarm, see whether or not it is armed, and devise a more strategic plan for attack. We are a Miami ADT home security company that will ensure your alarm is strategically placed.

The security of your home is not a matter that should be forgotten about or neglected. Burglaries can and do happen all the time, and you are never immune to being the target of one. By enlisting the help of ADT Miami, you can keep yourself, your family, and your home safe and protected.

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