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6 Home Security Tips during Hurricane Season

ADT Pulse; How to Protect Your Home from RobberyHurricane brings with it a lot of security ricks. Since safety is one of the primary concerns of each homeowner, here are six security tips for your home security.

Reinforce Your Home

Invest in hurricane-proof windows and sturdy doors to minimize the damage done to your home by hurricanes.Tie down any loose items that are outside your home to keep them in place. You might need to board up your windows to increase safety.

Lock Everything Down

During a hurricane, ensure that all doors and windows are tightly shut. If you are at home, lock yourself and your family in a low, windowless and structurally sound room. Disconnect all electrical appliances to minimize the risk of electrical fires.

Keep a Hurricane Survival Kit

Assemble a hurricane survival kit. It should have everything you need to wait out a hurricane. Some of the essentials are non-perishable food, water for everyone, flashlights and batteries, and a first aid kit. The food and water should be enough to last at least three days.

Invest in a Good Home Security System

Having an ADT Miami home security system active during hurricane season can boost security. The system notifies you of increasing threat. Miami ADT home security systems have water and fire sensors, and central monitored alarm systems that notify you of fires, flooding or excessive damage to your home immediately.

Be Patient

Stay indoors until you are completely sure that the hurricane has passed. Use the food and water from your survival kit until you are positive that outside food and water are not contaminated. You can keep a battery-powered radio in your survival kit so that you can stay informed.

Know Your Way Out

In case a hurricane warning forces you to evacuate, you should know all possible evacuation routes from your home. You should be able to reach the nearest hurricane shelter as fast as possible for your safety. When you leave your home, don’t forget the basics; ensure that your home is secure. You are not leaving for good.

These six tips will help you get through hurricane season safe and sound.

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