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Don’t Forget to Turn Your Alarm on Before Leaving Your Home

Don't Forget to Turn Your Alarm on Before Leaving Your Home“Don’t forget to turn your alarm on before leaving tomorrow!”

That’s about the third time you’ve reminded yourself this week.  Unfortunately, it’s also the third time you’ve forgotten this week. There are many reasons why people forget to turn their alarm on before leaving their homes. Either you’ve simply forgotten, you’re in a rush, you’re expecting someone to return home soon, you’ve gotten too comfortable with your neighborhood environment or Mother Nature is giving you a hard time. Fortunately, ADT Pulse Network has the perfect solution to your security woes. See for yourself why you need the power of Pulse to assist you when you’ve forgotten to turn your alarm on.

1.    You Simply Forgot

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. Who knows, maybe you’ve got a slight hangover from last night’s Christmas work party. We’re not perfect. Whether or not you’re still intoxicated, every now and then our memory does tend to fail the best of us. Even things you’ve gotten into the habit of doing every day sometimes slip from your memory. Perhaps it’s just one of those days where you have a million things running through your mind.

You’ve got a big presentation in a few hours. You’ve got to make it to your son’s football game in the afternoon. You’ve got to figure out what’s for dinner tonight. And the list goes on, and on, until, the next thing you know, you’re out the driveway with your thoughts circulating and you realize you’ve completely forgotten to turn your alarm on before leaving this morning.

2.    You’re in a Rush

We’ve all had those days. Things just aren’t going your way today. The alarm didn’t go off on time or you’ve slept through it because you were so exhausted from yesterday’s trials and tribulations. You’ve got to get the kids ready for school, take a shower, get dressed and get out of here!

The clock is ticking and the last thing you want to do is be stuck in peak rush hour traffic. With a cup of Joe in one hand and your keys in the other, you hurry out of the house and lock the door behind you. But oh no, you’ve forgotten to turn on your alarm. You tell yourself it will be alright, you’re in a rush and it’s just for a few hours…

3.    Someone’s Returning Soon

It’s 3PM and you’re expecting the kids home from school anytime soon. You want to pick them up in your arms and welcome them home but you’ve also got to duck out to the grocery store really quickly to whip them up something to eat. You know the heavy appetite little ones have… The last thing you want is for them to be startled when they open the door and hear a loud unpleasant alarm ringing in their sensitive ears. So you purposely decide not to turn on your alarm when you leave for the supermarket.

4.    You’ve Gotten too Comfortable
Don't Forget to Turn Your Alarm on Before Leaving Your Home 2
You’ve been living at your residence for the past three years now and it’s been well over a year since you first purchased and installed a wireless alarm system. Everything has run smoothly. No heard of break ins, thefts or assaults in the area. You’re now certain you live in an affluent neighborhood where nothing sinister could ever happen.

Last Summer you and your significant other also welcomed a new addition to the family…. a gorgeous chocolate brown Doberman for your children to grow up with. You know that they make great police dogs and will fiercely protect your home from strangers. So, as time passes, you forget about that alarm system you bought last year.

5.    Mother Nature Intervenes

You live in Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota or Wyoming… in one of the top coldest states in the entire nation. The winters are long and often unbearable. It’s a hassle to wake up in the morning, shovel the snow off your car and prep it to brave harsh winter conditions and slippery roads. Or maybe it’s raining heavily outside and you know it’s going to take twice as much time to make it to work today. You let Mother Nature get the best of you and you leave in a hurry without activating your alarm.

The Solution: ADT Pulse Network

Why spend all of your hard earned money on an alarm system to protect your family and loved ones if it’s not turned on when you need it the most? Always remember that your alarm only works if you remember to turn your alarm on before leaving your home. Don’t forget! The great news is that America’s #1 home security company has come up with a solution. We’ve developed a sophisticated Z-Wave technology that allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet.

ADT Pulse Network was developed with the modern individual in mind. We get that you’re constantly on the go and often are preoccupied with life’s demands. That’s why our advanced network offers remote security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don’t forget to turn your alarm on before leaving your house, then good for you! If you do forget, however, you can now rely on ADT to give you greater control and activate it through mobile technology. You can even deactivate it just in time for the kids to return home from school.

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We at Home Security Concepts are an ADT authorized dealer. We’re more than happy to help you integrate the power of our Pulse Network into your everyday lives. All you need to do is pick up the phone and contact one of our expert customer service representatives. We can be reached at 954) 713-9411 for Broward County and (305) 424-9219 for Miami-Dade County.

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