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3 Different Personality Types of Burglars And What it Means to Your Home Security Plan

miami home adt alarmIt is commonly suggested that homeowners “think like a burglar” when planning their home security systems. Doing so requires familiarity with the mindsets of various criminals. Take a look at these common criminal personality profiles, and remember them when you are making decisions about your home security.

The Impulse Thief

The impulse thief may not be a career criminal; they are usually just unscrupulous people who see an opportunity to steal. They frequently make their scores from garages left wide open. Powertools, lawnmowers, and bicycles are common targets.

Motion lights will do a great deal to deter them; they don’t want to be seen when perusing the items in your garage. Security cameras and prominent signs advertising their presence will add to this effect.

The Mastermind

Although most criminals occupy the bottom of the IQ scale, there are some who are capable of meticulous planning. The mastermind burglar will stake out your home to establish your schedule, possibly several weeks before the burglary. They prefer to enter with advanced methods such as lock picking. Once inside, they move with precision to the most common hiding spots for valuables. The burglary is usually over in less than 15 minutes.

Something that homeowners rarely think of is concealing the wiring of their alarm systems. It is possible that the mastermind thief has studied the most common alarm systems and knows how to disable them from the outside. The wires from cameras, motion sensors, and other elements of your home security system should be concealed or protected. A sturdy deadbolt will keep thieves from entering even if they pick the lock.

The Smash-and-Grab Thief

This type of thief is somewhere between the mastermind and the impulse thief. While they do set out with the goal of burglarizing a home, they do not think very far ahead. Usually, they enter the home by breaking a window or kicking in a door. They tend to go for whatever valuables are in plain sight such as TVs and other electronics.

Foiling the smash-and-grab thief is typically very easy. Most of them will be driven away if you have glass break sensors installed on your windows by a Miami ADT home security technician. Reinforced door jambs will stop them from breaking down a door. Very few thieves in this category have the finesse to enter a home through any method other than brute force, so these steps will likely stop them in their tracks.

In addition to seeking out a provider of ADT Miami homeowners have reviewed favorably, you should remember these different criminal profiles when planning your home security strategy. Understanding the thoughts and methods of burglars will help you put a stop to their plans.

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