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4 Steps to Change Home Security Alarm Code

home-security-tipsHome alarm systems, such ADT Miami alarm systems, are a popular security measure used by many homeowners. It is important to reset your alarm code from time to time to maintain your home’s security. Changing an alarm code often varies in difficulty, depending on the kind of alarm system installed in your home. Here are four easy steps to change your alarm code.

Find Your Alarm System’s Master Code

The master code is essential when changing your security alarm code. The security company when installing your home security alarm sets the code. The technician in charge of the installation writes the code either on a card or in the owner’s manual. Make sure that you keep your system’s master code secret.

Look for your Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual contains a systematic guide on how to change your alarm code. Look at the manual and press the “Reset” or ”#9” button as instructed; you will need to enter your recent code followed by “#” and the master code at this stage. Once you have done this, you can enter a new alarm code of your choice. Make sure your new code is easy to remember to avoid future woes.

Call your Monitoring Company

If you cannot find your user manual or are unsure of the steps, you need to take to change your code, contact your monitoring company such Miami ADT home security. They will guide you through the process once they know what type of alarm system you use. However, you need to have your master code since the monitoring company cannot give it to you over the phone.

Get an Expert to Change It for You

When you are unable to find your master code or are uncomfortable changing your alarm code yourself, call your monitoring company and request a service call from your installation company. During the service call, a technician will reset your master code if you can’t find your current one and change your security code for you. Write down your new master code and keep it somewhere safe. Most companies offer several free service calls.

With these four steps, you will have an easy time resetting your home security alarm code. Your alarm code is essential for security in your home, so only share it with the relevant people. If you disclose it to an outsider, make sure to change it.

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