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4 Ways To Protect Your Home When Undergoing Renovation

adt-miamiRenovating your home can be a lengthy process whether you’re renovating the interior features such as repainting, tearing down old walls and restructuring rooms, installing new pipes and water utility systems, rewiring the electrical system, or replacing appliances. While renovating your home can bring about a great new appearance that gives you something to be proud of, your home could be more open to thieves and burglars to enter while the renovation process is going on. If you’re concerned about what to do to prevent your belongings from being stolen or vandalized, here’s a few steps you can take to protect them.

Use A Storage Facility For Your Belongings
One great way to protect your belongings, especially if you’re going to be completely moved out of your home during a renovation, is to take all your belongings out of your home with you, or at least your most valuable possessions. If you can’t take them all to the place where you’re temporarily staying, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. While doing so could involve a cost of some money, it’s worth it to have your belongings in a secure location where they will not be touched, than to have them in an area where thieves have easy access to them.

Protect The Outside Of Your Home
One way to discourage burglars from coming to your home is to have a security system monitoring the outside of your property. Having outside lights on your property at night, having infrared surveillance cameras capturing the grounds of your property, and possibly having a watchdog patrol your property at night are all a few methods you can use to deter burglary. If you have a contractor working on your house, you may want to tell them not to leave tools, renovation materials, or other belongings of theirs out on the job site where thieves can find them.

Inform Your Home Security Company
You may already have a home security company that monitors your house, be sure to tell them about your renovation plans. That way if you have areas of your home where the electrical systems will be disabled and alarms and surveillance equipment cannot be run, your ADT Miami security company can send service technicians or help you make adjustments to your home alarm system settings. Make sure if there are any areas of your home that cannot be monitored due to changing the settings, that no belongings are left in those areas when nobody is on site.

Due Your Homework On Contractors And Workers
If you’re having contractors and other workers renovate your home, make sure you do your research on them and hire only reputable contractors who have good references. There are background check services available if you’re unsure about whether or not to hire a contractor. If you notice any workers acting in a suspicious manner while they’re at your house, inform the contractor so he can take action. If he refuses to take action, discontinue using his services.

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