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Five Inexpensive Ways to Make a Big Difference in Your Home Security

home-security-tipsWhen it comes to home security, not every step you take has to break the bank. Some security measures are much less expensive than others. In fact, some of these less expensive ideas are highly effective. Below are five ‘little’ and inexpensive security steps you can take that make a big difference in the protection of your home and family.

1. Never underestimate the power of a good quality door lock. Chances are you have the same locks on your doors as you did when you moved in. Also, it is likely that lock cost less than $20 and is made from low strength steel and aluminum. Next time you are in the home improvement store, take a walk down the lock aisle. There are much better locks available for under $100. Also, locks are very easy to install, so you can save on installation costs.

2. If you have a sliding glass door, make sure you have a secondary security device. This can come in the form of a piece of wood dowel cut to the length of the door track. Placing a piece of wood in the track when the door is closed will provide that extra little barrier you may need. There are stops you can purchase at home improvement stores if you do not want to go for the wood dowel road.

3. Thinking of replacing, or adding, exterior lighting? Make sure to install motion sensor lights. Motion sensors act as a great deterrent and early warning system. Be sure to add strong wattage light bulbs to give proper illumination.

4. Also, and while you are in the lighting department of your home goods store, be sure to pick up some light timers. A light timer is a very cost effective way to keep your home lit without keeping lights on all day long.

5. Lastly, think about having a home security system installed in your Miami area home. Expensive right? With today’s innovations and advancements you can protect your home for a few dollars a day. Don’t be turned off by the perceived expense. You do not have to opt for every feature available. Taylor the system to you and your family’s needs. A great place to start is with ADT Pulse.

As with any home improvement project, home security will take time. Be sure to adapt to any changes in your area. Always remember, the best offense is a superior defense.

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