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Three Home Security Vulnerabilities You’re Ignoring

adt miami for businessHomeowners are often surprised to learn that some of their habits are improving burglars’ chances of success. Naturally, changing these habits will deprive the crooks of a significant advantage. Eliminate these vulnerabilities in security to make your home a more difficult target.

Your Predictable Schedule

Thieves look for people with foreseeable schedules. They like to find a home that is routinely left empty for several hours every day. Once they have ascertained when they will have the most time to search for valuables, they make their move. Try to alter your schedule now and then and take different routes to and from your house. Even if you have to work the same hours every day, it’s possible to make small changes to your other activities that will throw off a burglar’s estimation of your schedule.

Inadvertent Concealment

Sometimes, homeowners are helping burglars approach their house undetected without even knowing it. They may do this by planting tight clusters of bushes that serve as concealment or by failing to illuminate the areas around doorways. Be sure to trim any bushes and consider removing any that are large enough to be used as a hiding place. Your doorways should be lit up as well so that burglars will be highly visible if they attempt to gain entry. Motion sensors are also helpful; a Miami ADT home security specialist will be able to advise you on where to place them.

Accidental Invitations

Thieves are quite adept at looking for signs that a home contains valuables, but homeowners are usually oblivious to them. One thing that may serve as an invitation is the disposal of packaging from expensive items. Some crooks are clever enough to look at the curbs on trash day. If they see large boxes from expensive electronics or other valuable purchases, they might make your home a target. Cut up this packaging and dispose of it more discreetly.

You should always examine your home and your habits for things that enable a crook to pull off a successful burglary. The key is to eliminate their opportunities and use the best technology available from an ADT Miami company. Remember to leave no stones unturned; the most innocuous things could be a big help for scheming criminals.

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