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7 Family Safety Tips You Should Know

Family Safety

Family Safety

Being a parent is a responsibility that doesn’t compare to any other responsibility in the world. Once you become a parent, you make sure your child has everything they need and are safe. Keep these tips in mind to keep your family safe.

1.Don’t Open the Door

Teaching your children not to open the door for anyone, even if they are friends or relatives, is a good way to add an extra layer of security to your home. An adult in the home should always answer the door, especially at night.

2. The Important Info

Your child should know important information, such as their home phone number, parent’s cell phone number and work number, parent’s full names, and the home address. This information is the most important and useful if your child gets lost.

3. Calling for Help

Some phone numbers are easier to remember than others. For this reason, you should program important phone numbers in your cell phone and home phone in case of an emergency. Cell phones, including Smartphones and iPhones, can be programmed to store numbers in your phone to a specific number on the dialing keypad. With this feature, your child will be able to hold a number on your cell phone’s dialing keypad and the programmed number will automatically be dialed. This feature is known as speed dial.

4. Create A Family Code

A family code is a special code. It’s important you create a code that is fairly easy for you and your family members to remember, but hard for other people to guess. The family code can also be used as a text code. The family code can be a word, numbers or both. This code can be given to relatives and close friends so they can be reached in the event of an emergency.

5. Create An Illusion

An illusion can be the greatest family safety defense for your home. Leave a lamp on in your living room or hallway to make people think someone is home. The illusion is a great security technique to usee when no one is home. In case you’re worried about your electricity bill, many of the lights in your home can be set with timers to shut on and off at a specified time.

6. Create A Routine

One way to get into the habit of things is to create a routine. Before you go to bed, make sure all of the doors are locked. If you have window locks, make sure you use them. If you have a home security system, such as ADT, make sure you set the alarm with the appropriate settings.

7. Invest In New Locks

You may want to consider upgrading the locks of your home for added security. Deadbolts are a popular type of door lock has a variety of lock options, including single and double locks. Deadbolts are harder to strip and destroy than many of the default lock options that are often installed.

Home Security Concepts is dedicated to family safety, which is why we provide a variety of security devices for your home. We offer many different security packages for your home. Contact us today. Let us protect what matters the most.

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