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6 ADT Security Devices and Features You Need for Added Protection for Your Home or Business

ADT Security Devices

ADT Security Devices

There are many different security devices that will protect your home or business while you’re there or away. Much of this equipment can be added to your current security system for additional protection. Here is more information about these ADT security devices.

1. Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The carbon monoxide sensor functions much like a smoke detector. When a high level of carbon monoxide is detected, the sensor triggers and an alarm sounds immediately. Once the alarm sounds, the ADT central station is notified. The carbon monoxide sensor allows you and your family to get out of the home safely before any mishaps occur.

2. Medical Alert Button

The medical alert button is great to have in the event of an emergency, especially for older adults. In the event of an emergency, the button can be pressed and help will be sent to your residence immediately.To help make these devices durable, they are waterproof. Accidents occur for many different reasons at any given time, and it’s good to have a medical alert button for receiving help without having to waste time running to get help.

3. Smoke Sensors

Smoke sensors are an upgrade from regular smoke detectors. These sensors not only detect smoke but heat also. The ADT smoke sensors work while you’re home or away from home, adding an extra layer of protection for your home, family, and pets. Your alarm system does not have to be armed in order for the smoke sensor to work. In the event of a fire, this sensor will set off an alarm, which allows ample time for you and your family to get to a safe location away from the home. When this sensor is triggered the proper authorities are notified immediately and help is sent to your residence or business immediately.

4. Two-Way Voice Device

The two-way voice service offers a variety of benefits to a home or business. Aside from using this keypad to arm and disarm the alarm, this two-way device connects you directly to the ADT monitoring system. When an emergency occurs, the ADT central station is notified, and help is sent. You can easily communicate with this central station through this two-way voice device.

5. Digital Cellular Communicator

The digital cellular communicator is a great alternative to a landline. Landlines are easily compromised by a cut or damaged phone lines, which is often located outside of the home. The ADT digital cellular communicator is not as vulnerable because it is a wireless device. The digital cellular communicator offers faster than the speed of light response to the ADT monitoring system. Due to this device not being as vulnerable as a landline device, your home receives an extra layer of protection.

6. Key Remote Controls

Key remote controls are being used more than before in the security world.When your home or business is secured with ADT, you have added convenient protection with key remote controls. These controls allow you to arm and disarm the alarm and send panic signals with the touch of a button. You can be a minimum of 200 feet away from your home or business and will still be able to adjust the controls for the alarm!

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