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ADT Alarm System Vs. Brinks home security system

ADT Alarm Security System is the Best... Period

Deciding to get a security system for your home is both frustrating and satisfying. There are so many companies and so many different options to choose from. A home security system can provide much-needed peace of mind for a homeowner. It is important to make sure you adequately research the companies you are considering, compare features, and understand the differences, so you can make the most educated decision. The best alarm system in Miami will protect you and your home from intruders and natural disasters. Two companies to compare are ADT alarm system and Brinks security system. However, it should be noted that the company that owns ADT purchased the company that owns Brinks.

Cost of equipment and installation

Generally, both companies will include standard equipment, like door sensors, keypad, and siren at no cost – which is why you are in a contract. However, the installation for the system will vary based on what company you choose.
• ADT – The ADT alarm system is only installed by a professional. Therefore, their installation fee is $99. However, they do sometimes run promotions that will waive the installation fee. So, it is wise to check with the company to see when they might be offering something that will save you money.
• Brinks – Brinks generally charges $19 for installation because the system is shipped to you and you install it yourself. Because it is a wireless system, it is easy to install. However, for those that really want a professional installation, Brinks can look to see if they have any installers in your area. And, if that happens you get a warranty on the equipment.
ADT is a well know brand, probably one of the most well-known for home security. The ADT alarm system has many features. Some of the main features include the following. However, if you become a customer, you could possibly find new features that will work for your household.
o You can take the system with you if you have to relocate. So, you do not have to get all new equipment and incur any costs for it.
o ADT offers a wireless system and sensors. This means that you do not have to hard-wire the equipment. This makes it much easier to install and move if you want to change the configuration or you move.
o They have a 60 warranty. If you are not satisfied with the system, you can have them take it back.
o ADT gives you a theft protection guarantee. This means that if someone burglarizes your home, they will give you up to $500 to apply to your insurance deductible.
o They offer specials, such as 6 free window/door sensors. You always have to check with the company to find out what specials they are running. Sometimes they offer money off video cameras or other equipment. If you are installing a larger system, this may save you a significant amount of money.
o Control panel has a backup battery so even if the power goes out, you will still be protected.
o Basic equipment offered includes a control panel, entry sensors (for doors or windows), siren, keychain remote, and an infrared motion sensor.
o You can add on equipment that can monitor for fire and carbon monoxide. These can be life-saving additions to your system.
o You can get a system that uses a landline or WiFi. Depending on the system you choose, you may have to use a WiFI system so the equipment can be linked together.
o This company was founded in 1874 and enjoys an A+ rating with the BBB.
o The company offers some home automation that can be added to your package. These automations include automatic door locks, automated home lighting, automated thermostats, garage doors, and video doorbell. They can automate using smart plugs that communicate with your system and lets you control things, like your coffee maker.

• Brinks
Brinks provides the security a home needs at a comparable price to other companies. They are competitive in both pricing, equipment, and features. The following are some of the main features offered by the company.
o 30-day, risk-free trial. If you terminate before 30 days, there is no termination fee.
o 24-hour alarm monitoring – You can rest assured that the monitoring is done continuously and someone will be there if you have a problem.
o Mobile communication – You can monitor your system from your phone. You can alarm and disarm from your phone. So, if you forget to do it and you are away from home, there is no reason to worry.
o Basic equipment package includes entry sensors to protect entry points, a motion sensor to monitor movement within your home, and a control panel. You can, however, add to your package, but there will be a charge for extra equipment.
o They offer indoor/outdoor cameras and video doorbells. The video doorbell lets you see who is at your front door without you having to go open it. This is a great deterrent to criminals and a great way to increase your safety. If you see someone suspicious at your front door, it gives you the opportunity to call the police, if needed.
o You can use your phone to see if there is someone skulking around outside or monitor what your kids are doing inside. These are also very useful to monitor an elderly family member to make sure they are okay.
o There are home automations that can be added to your Brinks system. They include lighting control, electronic door locks, and thermostat control.
o The company was founded in 1990 and enjoys a BBB rating of A+.

Cost of Each Security System Plan
• ADT – Depending on what you want with your plan, the price of the monitoring will vary. If you want just a basic monitoring package, with no video equipment, you will pay $36.99. However, if you want the package with all the bells and whistles, you will pay $58.99 per month. This will include video surveillance and recording of video, so you can review it to find out what has been going on at your house. Currently, ADT offers 4 different packages. However, they do run specials where you might be able to buy additional equipment for a discounted or free price. Furthermore, if you move to a new place that already has ADT equipment, you can get a cheaper plan of $19.99 per month.
• Brinks – Similar to ADT, the package you choose will dictate the cost of your monitoring plan. Brinks offer 3 packages and they begin at $39 and cap out at $49. The higher cost is usually associated with adding a video surveillance component. Of course, if you add video monitoring, you will also be paying more money to buy equipment that is not included in the basic package. There is also a $19 activation fee.

Lengths of contract
• ADT – They require a 3-year contract to take advantage of their equipment packages and installation.
• Brinks – Just like ADT, Brinks requires you to sign into a 3-year contract. The contract

When picking the best alarm system in Miami, you need to consider all these different aspects. People have different ideas about what holds the most important when making these kinds of decisions. Sometimes it is beneficial to see the companies compared next to one another. And, sometimes it just comes down to what company you have more trust in. After all, the company providing a home security system will be providing a level of safety to you and your family.

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