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ADT Plans

All of the premium plans include 24/7 ADT Monitoring for Burglary, Fire, Medical Alert and Carbon Monoxide. ADT’s Nationwide Network contains 6 Monitoring stations ensuring an immediate response for burglary, fire and medical emergencies. When seconds count it is advantageous to know that America’s number one name in home security is ready to respond.

24 Hour ADT (Basic) Monitoring  33

ADT (Basic) Monitoring is a fantastic way to provide 24 hour central station service at an affordable price. Your entire family will find peace of mind knowing that ADT will inform them and the local authorities in the event of an emergency. ADT’s alarm monitoring works by transmitting a signal to the ADT Central Monitoring Stations, allowing for adequate response. Any standard phone line will work with ADT Basic monitoring. Take advantage of the fantastic value of our Basic Alarm monitoring rate.

24 Hour ADT Monitoring plus 2 Way Voice 40

Upgrade from ADT Basic to 2 Way Voice and receive live operator response through your Honeywell Lynx keypad system. 2 Way Voice ADT Monitoring can prove details on an active burglary in progress, which can help in quicker police response. Through the integrated microphone and speaker in the keypad, ADT can access communication and can verify all real alarm activations, raising the dispatch priority to your residence. Today local police authorities are constantly receiving calls from alarm monitoring stations. However, they never know if the burglar alarm they are dispatched to is a real emergency or a false alarm. With 2 Way Voice monitoring, the authorities are now informed of real emergencies as it occurs with a live ADT monitoring operator, dictating what is being heard within the home or business.

24 Hour ADT Monitoring plus Cell Guard Plus CellGuard®: 41

ADT has revolutionized alarm monitoring through the use of ADT Cell Guard service. Burglar and Fire alarm signals are transmitted through the Alarm Net network to one of ADT’s six monitoring stations. Local Authorities in Miami or Ft Lauderdale are notified of emergency conditions at a fraction of the time it takes with regular phone lines. ADT Cell Guard offers added peace of mind for the home and family. The Cell Guard monitoring service provides a higher level of security. With regular phone line monitoring, the alarm system can be compromised if the phone lines are cut. Here in the South Florida area, we are always in danger of natural disasters such as hurricanes which knock down phone lines. With the ADT Cell Guard monitoring service, the risk of burglary through the phone line being cut is eliminated. This alarm service is not dependent on any traditional phone line service at all. ADT Cell Guard units send a text message via the cell unit to notify the ADT central station of the emergency situation arising in your home or office. If there are any questions on one of our ADT Monitoring plans, give us a call today at (305) 424-9219 or (954) 713-9411 to Contact Us.

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