ADT vs Vector Home Security Systems

Home security systems are not to be taken lightly.

ADT vs Vector Home Security SystemsIdentifying the right and the best home security system is one of the most important decisions you can make after purchasing your home. The safety and security of your not only your home, but your precious and prized possessions, and most importantly your family, your loved ones–these are the precious ones that will certainly experience the impact of this decision. And what you decide can impact you and your family on many levels.

When making this important and often life-saving choice it’s key to understand who can offer you, your home and your family the high-level of security with the years of experience necessary to ensure complete and total security care.

ADT is the home security company of choice for over six million people in the United States and Canada. With over 140 years of security experience, we are unmatched in the industry for experience, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Experience When and Where It Counts

New to the industry companies like Vector Home Security, have very little years experience in comparison to ADT and cannot incorporate the tried and true security systems as well as the unique security techniques that ADT can. They do not have the extensive innovation and cutting edge equipment and systems like ADT has. Vector relies on ‘security officers’ to do the work of highly sophisticated equipment and thusly incorporating a high level of human error.

These ‘security officers’ do not work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They take breaks, can be distracted, they are human. And this ‘human factor’ employed by Vector and companies like it, cannot guaranty that security will be available all the time, like ADT can. This includes being on-watch in times of natural disasters or man-induced disasters when seconds count and may mean the difference between life and death.

We at ADT can not only make the claim that ‘we are always there’, we have a proven record of always being there and having the capability to manage security and safety needs no matter what man or mother nature manifests.

A new security company like Vector does not have the years of experience or the training and experience to handle the high demands of realistic home security. ADT has extensive training, and has constantly improved it’s systems, equipment and response time to your urgent calls.

National Network with Regional Capability

Vector has yet to prove it’s ability to handle a wide-reaching security system, a nation-wide security organization, since Vector serves only a few state. Ad a matter of fact, with only seven states that it services, it doesn’t have the ability to understand the scioe and uniqueness of a variety of regions as well as the unique needs of each region’s security demands.

For example, a state like Florida has a broad range of home security needs ranging from floods from severe weather to fires both natural and man-induced, from burglaries to medical alerts. This range of needs is tested every day, in fact every few seconds of every day and we are proud to say that ADT delivers on its promise: we are always on watch. Vector doesn’t even cover Florida, so has little to no experience covering the needs of coastal states, let alone the experience to handle a broad-reaching state-wide natural disaster.

At ADT we can handle not only coastal security issues, but northern ones as well, Severe weather isn’t limited to hurricanes, storms and floods. Severe weather can also mean blizzards and freezing temperatures. These are weather situations which cause pipes to burst and create water damage within homes resulting in the horrific impact of loss. ADT has not only Flood Detection Sensors systems but Low-Temperature Monitors as well, which can circumvent bursting pipes by notifying you if temperatures dip to dangerous levels and allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your thermostats, or protection of your plumbing as needed. Sophisticated systems like ADT’s Low Temperature Monitors are born out of years of experience. This type of industry experience that ADT has but in which companies like Vector have not had the experience, creates a huge disadvantage for customers who are not informed. Without experience nor the numerous call centers that ADT owns, operates and uses to ensure your complete protection, you may be opening up yourself for not only loss of home, furnishings and family heirlooms but grave monetary loss as well.

ADT #1 For Security and Safety

What will you do if the unfortunate happens? Are you well informed to make the right decision to protect your home, your possessions and your loved ones?

When you choose ADT over a company like Vector, you are choosing the company that has the ability to handle any emergency you have, and with the high level of expected expediency and responsiveness that you, our customers demand. We at ADT know that your security is all that matters and we take our commitment seriously.

By choosing ADT you can rest assured that you have chosen the only company in the security industry that protects government and financial buildings, airports and retail centers. ADT is the most trusted name in security in the nation.

Why would you choose any other company when you know you want the best security and safety available to protect what you have worked so hard for and for what you hold most dear?

ADT has the most highly trained security professionals to answer any and all of your security needs from home protection to surveillance to medical alerts. We can configure a customized security system to fit your specifications for your home and family while honoring your budgetary parameters.

Contact Home Security Concepts today for a complimentary consultation and estimate. No other company can be there for you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year like ADT can.

And we can be there for you today, we are waiting for your call.

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